“After the Comet Part One: The Biker Chick’s Changes” released!

after the comet cover 2

The beginning of a new serialized story can be found on Amazon!

The series revolves around breast growth and is set in a post apocalyptic world where few woman, and even fewer men, have survived. The women that remain are changed: their breasts all enlarged, but more importantly their minds are unable to function without frequent infusions of male semen into their bodies. This first part gives just a taste of this kinky new world, with the next part coming very soon!

Corey is your average hippy-dippy college student, buying into all the feminist propaganda at his university cause he knows if he doesn’t he’ll never get laid. But deep down a perverse, breast loving alpha male sleeps inside of him, waiting to awake. And soon it will have its chance to arrive, for the comet that is going to change the world is shooting towards earth.

The night it arrives he is camping deep in the desert, alone and asleep when it affects most of humanity. But as he heads back to civilization he sees the first hints of the new world he lives in: one where men are rare and the women need a virile alpha male to help them survive.

This 6,000+ word one handed read contains explicit sexual material and is intended for adult audiences ONLY. This story contains breast enlargement, mammoth mammaries, and messy rough oral sex.

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