“Alarian Tales of Perversion Volume One: Ynara’s Faithful” Released!

ynara's faithful cover

You can find the new short story collection set in Alaria up on Amazon! It is exclusive to Amazon, which means its available free through the Kindle Unlimited program.

Proud and ancient elves. Savage and wild Orcs. Dwarven smiths. Human rogues, wizard and warriors. The world of Alaria is full of them all and more. But running through it all, hidden down sinister alleyways, seeping out of dark thickets, urged forward by dark cultists is The Corruption. A force not of the mighty, proud Gods but of the dark Demons. Everywhere it goes it spreads darkness and sexual perversion, defining the realm of Alaria…

In this first volume of erotic shorts set in Alaria you will be introduced to Ynara’s faithful. A powerful Goddess, she spreads her love of the female body and especially large breasts to every corner of Alaria, giving her blessing to those who come together to “worship” her.

This collection includes to following original stories:

Ynara’s Magical Charm: A busty adventurer discovers the joys her breasts can bring others, and her self, with the help of a charm infused with Ynara’s power. Contains erotic mind/body control, and mammary intercourse.

Xiomara’s New Job: Xiomara is a fiery redheaded tomboy who has only ever wanted to take part in a grand adventure. As she grew and her curves filled out she became the desire of all the men in her small farming village, but she had no interest in any of them. Since she refuses to marry the naive girl is now being sent to the nearest town to work as a tavern maid in an inn. It’s there that she will find her own adventure and true calling, discovering the joys of worshiping the Goddess Ynara with the inn’s owner and a horny dwarf. Contains breast growth, mammary intercourse, a threesome and mild erotic mind control.

Ynara’s Magical Pond: A well endowed goblin bard journeys to a pond, in search of inspiration for a song that will make him famous. The pond is rumored to be home to a beautiful, red haired being. The goblin has little faith before he finds the pond, but once he does and the Goddess Ynara appears to him he leaves a changed goblin. Contains deity on goblin sex.

This 19,000+ one haded read is intended for adult audiences only!


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