“The Corruption of Ynara, Goddess of Purity Part Four: A Goddess Submits” Released!

ynara cover part 4

The final part of Ynara’s corruption has been published on Amazon!

Ynara has nearly reached her breaking and she is just about ready to accept that a life of sexual depravity is what she truly desires. But Baedor has more indignities planned for her first. Reading the exciting conclusion to this tale of fantasy perversion and see Goddess submit and be reborn!

This 8,000+ word, one-handed read is intended for adult readers only! The story contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature, including sexual subservience, sexual corruption of the innocent, a horny minotaur and fantasy themed kinkery.

For those that enjoyed the setting I’m planning on writing more stories set in it! I’m about half done with a stand alone short dealing with a busty adventurer having a run in with a Ynara worshiper (set, of course, long after she became Goddess of breasts and the pleasure they can bring). My plan is to include it as a bonus in the “complete” collection of this story.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to re-purchase the story to get that short! As soon as I am done with that I am going to be working on getting a short story collection finished that will contain at least three kinky stories of fantasy action set in Alaria, all dealing with Ynara worshipers. Blenty of big breasts and mammary intercourse! And that story that’s being included in the complete edition of Corruption of Ynara will be included in that short story collection.

And if after that I’m still feeling my Alarian tales, I’ll start working on another short story collection with a different theme!

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