In The Pipeline… 7/2/2016

It’s time again for my monthly update on what stories/projects are in the pipeline right now! Check out what’s below the cut to find out what I’ll be working on in the coming month and how far along I am in the writing process on each project.

I’m in the middle of moving states, from the far frozen north to a climate that’s going to be a lot warmer and have a lot more people around. For about the next month while my little family looks for a place and finishes packing I’m going to have a ton of time to write, which is good for you perverts. Sadly after that life is going to be pretty hectic as we settle into a new city, state, and life. Expect that after this month for me to be mostly MIA for a time.

Since the move is sucking money up I’m going to have to concentrate on creative projects that bring the most money in. This means all my visual stuff, my comics and photomanips, are being put on the back burner. I’m going to be concentrating on getting as many ebooks out between now and when I get on the place as possible.

Realisticly, that means I need to follow my muse, and right now my pervy muse is pretty enthralled with the Fantasy setting I’ve been developing as I write the Ynara series. When I started the story it was meant just to be a quick one off, but as I flushed out the outline the story grew. And as I’ve been writing the story (the third one has a full draft and should be edited and ready for submission Monday, by the way) I’ve done a lot of world building for Alaria. Most of it has been in my head and in Scrivnr, but some is making its way into the story.

My plan is to keep chugging away at the Alaria stories till I burn out on the setting and need a break. There’s one more part of the Ynara story I’ve got to finish, and after that I’m going to try getting a ton of shorts done. I’ve already got 15 stories fully outlined and somewhere around 30 others in an idea egg, and the ideas are still flowing out of me every day. Hopefully once the Ynara story is done I’ll be able to start pumping out one or two of the shorts a day, releasing them in collections of 3-6 stories based around some kind of them. I’ve already got the first theme lined up, but I can’t say what it is without totally spoiling the ending of the current Ynara story.

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