“The Corruption of Ynara, Goddes of Purity Part Two: The Temple Prisoner” Released!

ynara cover part 2

The second part of “The Corruption of Ynara, Goddess of Purity” is now up for sale on Amazon!

Ynara is captured, her high temple now servicing as her prison. Baedor now sits on a throne of iron where her throne once sat, overseeing what was once her kingdom. She lay chained at his feet, his new pet…

Outside what remains of The Pure, Ynara’s followers, are on the run. Baedor’s forces hunt them like animals, trying to capture or corrupt them. Through visions as she sleeps the captured Goddess sees that outside of her prison temple there is still hope of her escape. But in her waking moments the Demon shows her there is no hope for her, and she begins to see that her physical body and all of its salacious sexual cravings may well lead to her eternal servitude of her new Demon Master.

After seeing first hand how much one of her corrupted Priestess enjoys her new life she begins to wonder if she was wrong all along. More than anything, she begins to wonder if a life full of sexual depravity would be all that bad.

This 10,000+ word, one-handed read is intended for adult readers only! The story contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature, including sexual subservience, lactation play, plenty of mammary intercourse, a dirty threesome, and fantasy themed kinkery.

My hope is to have the next installment’s full draft finished by this weekend and fully edited and ready for publication sometime next week! Going to try my hardest to blow through the entire series before working on any other stories. Unless in the writing my current outlines change dramatically, there should still be three more sections with the next one probably being the longest.

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