“Ynara, Goddess of Purity Part One: A Goddess Captured” Released!

ynara cover

You can find the first part of this new serialized story at Amazon!

Proud and ancient elves. Savage and wild Orcs. Dwarven smiths. Human rogues, wizard and warriors. The world of Alaria is full of them all and more. But running through it all, hidden down sinister alleyways, seeping out of dark thickets, urged forward by dark cultists is The Corruption. A force not of the mighty, proud Gods but of the dark Demons. Everywhere it goes it spreads darkness and sexual perversion.

Ynara, Goddess of Purity has spread her influence far and wide pushing out all other religions. The corrupt, perverse Demon Baedor soon took up residency in the borders of her lands and a holy war began between her followers. Ynara’s forces, known as The Pure, quickly purged the Demon’s dark followers, cornering him in one final keep. Sending her greatest champion to defeat the Demon once and for all, Ynara waits for his victorious return. Or so she thinks…

In reality Baedor has played the long game, and all that has transpired is part of his master plan to capture Ynara. He plans on corrupting the haughty, prudish Goddess and showing her the pleasures of having a physical body.

This 11,000 word, one-handed read is intended to adult readers only! The story contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature including sexual subservience, erotic mind control, plenty of mammary intercourse, and fantasy themed kinkery.

I’ve got the whole series (should be around 5 parts) plotted out and the second part is just waiting on being outlined, so it should hopefully be out sometime later this week!

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