New Free story “Misty Nuebaum and the Trailer Park Incident”

You can find the new short story “Misty Nuebaum and the Trailer Park Incident” in the free section!

This is another story set in the same universe as the two Sexuali Lamia stories. It centers around another sexual vampire using its mind control powers on a woman. It’s not the same vampire, but this one also needs the energy from large breasts. And breast growth is a big part of this story.

I’m enjoying slowly building up this littler universe, slowly feeling out how the supernatural aspects work through writing. I’m probably going to keep pumping out these shorts, maybe doing some new things and continuing both the stories I’ve started. I’ve been posting them all to Literotica, and they will remain there. But at one point I will be going back over what I have done and cleaning it all up then putting the improved versions into an ebook. At that point I’ll probably take most of them down from the free section, so enjoy them while they are up. And if you have any feedback send it my way!

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