“The Rise of Adaptatron: Part 2” Released!

adaptron cover part 2

The second part of the “Rise of Adaptatron” serial is finished and up on Amazon!

The defeated and captured Brickhouse is helpless, under the control of the telepathic supervillain Brain Master and his henchman Diligent Dan. Brain master summons the powerful magic using villainess known as Enchantamentia, hoping she can remove Brickhouse from their presence before her teammates come looking for her. Will the Amazons reach Brickhouse in time?

Meanwhile, the sentient A.I. known as Adaptatron is about to reveal itself to the Megatropolis Amazons as it strives to carry out its prime directive: defeat all heroines! But the robotic supervillain won’t be using brute strength, for he has discovered that the heroines supercharged sex drives are their greatest weakness. One by one the Amazons will fall.

You will find plenty of dirty superheroine sex, plenty of pulp themed superheroine action, and 6 brand new illustrations in this 9,000+ word one handed read. And all of it is just the second part one of this new serialized tale of supervillain depravity, as the mighty Adaptatron is born!

This one is a little shorter than the last one, but it has just about as much sex. It’s mostly a transitional piece, dealing with the events of the last five chapters and setting up stuff in the future. I’m going to try and once again have the next part out in about a month.

With the new one out I’ve dropped the price of the previous part. This one will stay at the higher price till the next part comes out (and when its done they will all be combined in a “complete” edition). And if you have an Kindle Unlimited account you can get all of it for free.

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