In The Pipeline… 4/5/2016

It’s time again for my monthly update on what stories/projects are in the pipeline right now! Check out what’s below the cut to find out what I’ll be working on in the coming month and how far along I am in the writing process on each project.

The last week or so I’ve been busy trying to get “Bovine Justice Vs The CEO” complete. It’s a story I’ve started working on a few times now, each time getting closer to finishing it but getting distracted. I’m trying REALLY hard not to let that happen now. It’s already past 20,000 words I’m only through about half of what I have outlines (although the stuff left might not take as much room up, so I may be past the halfway point). I REALLY REALLY want to get the book finished this time around. I’m pretty proud of it although I’m a little nervous it might get the ban hammer on Amazon for being too extreme. Regardless, I’ll be trying to publish it there first and only if it gets rejected will I take it elsewhere.

Once that’s done (which might take another week or two) my plan for now is to either get a follow up to sexual vampire story and/or finally finish the second Wasteland slut. That’s another one that I’ve worked on a few times… the second time I worked on it I decided to do what became the first book first, as a kind of origin story. Then, after reworking all my notes and outlines I started working on it and got pretty far in when my computer died. I lost almost all of that work, so I’m pretty much having to start from scratch again.

And regardless of what I have done, once it gets near the end of the month I will be working on the next part of the Adaptatron story, trying to get it finished before the end of the month.

Visually I’ll be working on new manips here and there. I’m also going to keep going on the card game, I want to try and get the Gasser’s deck totally finished before I take a break and go work on a comic.

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