“The Rise of Adaptatron: Part 1” Released!

adaptron cover part 1

Part One of a brand new serialized Heroines Perilous World story can now be found on Amazon!

The Megatropolis Amazons have just created one of their most powerful enemies and they don’t even know it yet…

In an attempt to create a better sparing robot the team’s resident tech genius, Lab Rat, has added an adaptability module to one of the team’s Synthomen. But the creation learns faster than even her calculations predict.

Meanwhile the team’s main muscle, Brickhouse, runs into the supervillain Brain Master and everyone’s favorite henchmen Diligent Dan. On her own, the physically powerful but weak willed Brickhouse won’t be able to put up much of a fight against the villains potent telepathic powers of control.

You will find plenty of dirty superheroine sex, plenty of pulp themed superheroine action, and 11 brand new illustrations in this 11,000+ word one handed read. And all of it is just part one of this new serialized tale of supervillain depravity, as the mighty Adaptatron is born!

This one will be released much like The Megatropolis Amazons Vs Cape Crusher was initially released: in roughly 5 chapter sections. Except this story won’t be following one specific heroine in each release. Instead I’ve been working on a much more complex story, full of even more kinky sex with a large supporting cast. There’s a reason this isn’t titled “The Megatropolis Amazons Vs…” as I intend to try and use ALL of the superheroines in Megatropolis during this story.

Since I have tons of other stories I want to be working on I’ll probably only be getting one part out a month. And at this point I’m not 100% certain how many parts this story will be, and some of them might be longer than this one. But there will be AT LEAST 4 more parts.

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