“Megatropolis Crime Wave!” published!

crime wave cover 2

The first Heroines Perilous World short story collection is finally finished and ready for all you perverts to get your sticky little fingers on!

For now you can find it at Amazon or Smashwords.

The great crime wave has begun, and it will keep the superheroines of Megatropolis more than busy. And not just the official super team that watches over the city, but the independent superheroines as well. They will succeed in steaming the wave of crime, but not before enduring a few salacious defeats in the process.

This 63,000+ word, one handed read contains 11 short stories. Each one can be read as a standalone story, but read together and in order they tell the tale of Megatropolis’ great crime wave! The stories contain plenty of kinky action, including breast growth, lactation play, erotic mind manipulation, heroine on heroine action and PLENTY of villain on heroine sex.

The following stories are included in this collection, most of them appearing here for the first time:

– Archbaroness Vs Mary-Annette

– Champion Girl and the Early Morning Workout

– Bovine Justice Vs Pussy Whip

– The Megatropolis Amazons Vs the Atlantean Prisoners

– Bovine Justice Vs The Sugar Skull Gang

– Champion Girl Vs The High Speed Chase

– Brickhouse Vs The Unexpected Creature

– Lab Rat and Psychia Vs The Red Dragon Bosses

– Archbaroness Vs the Very Bad Day

– Heleena The Healer Vs The Kidnap Plot

– Lady Centurion Vs The Bout of Jealousy

It feels good to finally have this done and out the door! I’m not as happy with some of the stories as I’d like to be, but with as long as I was working on this I just wanted it to be done at this point. I’m probably going to take a break from superheroine stuff to write a non-heroine book or short story, but it won’t be long before I’m back and working on anther one. I’m thinking that next I’ll work on the first part of the Adaptatron story, get the ball rolling on that.

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