In The Pipeline… 2/23/2016

Alright, looks like I lied. After trying to get some work done on the next Wasteland Slut book I found I’m just not in the mood. My heart wants to be writing Superheroine stories right now so that’s what I’m doing. Mainly I am re-editing the stories I have done for the Crime Wave collection and preparing to finish off the last three I need to write for it. Even though the stories I’m editing were written in the last year, they need a bunch of work. It’s kind of amazing seeing how far my writing has come. The main thing I need to do is change them all from present tense, which I now only use for the choose your own adventure style stories, and change it to past tense.

As I get the stories updated and cleaned up a bit I will be updating the ones that are up for free on here. I’ve already updated “Archbaroness Vs Mary-Annette”. Again, the story is the same, just cleaned up and in past tense instead of present tense. And I added the illustration that will appear as a chapter head to the top of the story. I’m probably going to take one of the two Bovine Justice stories down once I get them finished, as I’d like what appears on here for free to be more a sampling. When the collection is done I think more than half of the book will be stories that haven’t been released on their own.

Not sure exactly how long it will take to get them all done, but hopefully it won’t be too long and I won’t get distracted by any other projects before it’s ready to be published.

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