“Champion Girl Vs Enchantamentia” Released!

enchantamentia cover

The brand new Ebook, “Champion Girl Vs Enchantamentia” has been released! You can find it on Smashwords and Amazon!

Champion Girl has a new hair cut, a new cape free outfit, and a new outlook on life. She’s still shaken up by her run in with The Enlarger, but she’s confident she is ready for whatever the world throws at her next. But nothing could prepare her for Enchantamentia…

The villainess sorceress is old and weak, nearly out of magical power. But she knows an incantation that can make her young again, and stronger than she ever was. All she needs is a heroine full of sexual energies and whose body can survive the spell. Enter Champion Girl: the indestructible youth.

This 17,000+ page one-handed read is intended for adult audiences only and includes scenes of graphic sexual nature featuring breast growth, erotic mind control, magical sexual enchantments, a dose of heroine futa-play and plenty of superheroine sex!

I’ll be honest, I started writing this book because of Champion Girl’s cape. It was always a pain in the ass in Daz3d and I finally got sick of dealing with it. But what started out as an excuse for a makeover on Champion Girl’s Daz files turned into so much more. This book is chalked for of kinky sex, and re-introduces Enchantamentia in a MUCH sexier form. Expect me to be getting a lot more use out of her.

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