Heroines Perilous World Card Game Update

I’ve finished recreating the Prey cards and am just about done with the Prey Action deck. Once I get all of those done I will move on to the Predator decks. As of now I don’t plan on trying to create any new cards till at least after I have all the old cards recreated.

Because I lost everything I am also having to redo all of the illustrations I had done. My plan is to concentrate on the Prey cards and Prey deck and try to get the illustrations on those completely finished before I move on to any of the Predator decks. I probably won’t do a new upload until I have most of the illustrations done for the Prey deck, unless I get some play test feedback in before then that leads to any major changes in cards.

Also, since I had to start from scratch the cards aren’t going to look exactly like they did before. The action cards are pretty close, although the fonts are slightly different. The biggest changes went into the Prey and Predator cards which I slightly redesigned.


As you can see the way a Prey’s stats are displayed have been changed. Whether the character is male or female is no longer a keyword but displayed as an icon alongside their name. On the opposite side is the Victory Point value of the card, more prominently displayed. I also got rid of the shields behind the Defense stats, as I was never really happy with how they looked once they were printed out.

And again, for those interested, HERE is the link for the last uploaded version of the game.

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