“The Bodacious B-Women Issue #3” Released!


A brand new issue of The Bodacious B-Women is posted and ready for every to see! Head over to E-Hentai to take a look (although I’m sure it will find its way other places pretty quickly).

The comic, like all my other ones, is 100%. But if you feel like supporting me you can head on over to Amazon and purchase an ebook or two. The money I make from those sales mostly goes to purchasing new Daz3d files, which means more comics for you!

I’d like to think I did a better job at telling a slightly more complex story/set of actions with this one. In the past I have just kind of been pulling renders and adding dialog and story after, but while working on this issue I actually started jotting down ideas for future issues. I now have a rough outline of the next four or five issues done and some larger story arcs I want to work on. These first three issues plus number four are going to end up kind of being an origin story.

I know I said this last time, but I might take a break and work on another comic before I really dive into #4. Realistically I’ll probably be working on two comics at the same time. I have an idea for another superheroine comic set in this universe, but I’ve also had an itch to go back and work on a second Growing Pains. Either way, it will probably be about a month before I get another one finished, although its always possible it could be sooner!

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