Heroines Perilous Card Game back on!

I’m starting the slow, grueling work of recreating all the files for the “current” version of the Heroines Perilous Card Game. Because I lost all of my files I not only have to recreate the base cards and then re-enter all the text, I also need to retake all of the renders I pulled. Now that I’m working on it again I’ll probably start doing some more play testing. Because of all of those things it will probably be a while that a new version is posted, but I did want to let any fans of it know that I AM working on it.

And as always, if you have printed the cards out and tried the game I would LOVE to hear any feedback or comments you have.

2 responses to “Heroines Perilous Card Game back on!

  • Anonymous

    I just recently found this game and it really looks interesting. I will try playing it some time soon. Just a small question concerning the rules: When do you draw additional Prey cards? And when the rules say, that Prey in combat draws two cards, I assume these cards are directly played, right?


    • philohunter

      Glad your going to give it a try! Drop me an e-mail at philohunter@outlook.com once you do, I’d love to here some actual feedback.

      The Prey draws their action cards after you (the predator) declares whether you are attacking or not. If you are NOT attacking a specific Prey card they get one action card, if you have declared an attack against a Prey card they get TWO cards. And yeah, they are directly played. Hopefully once you have cards in front of you and are playing it will make more sense. If it doesn’t that just means I have a lot more work to do.

      One last note: I find that my victory points jump and fall wildly through most of the game, and I have to struggle to keep positive points. This has been done on purpose since most people will be playing alone. This way you can “lose” if you have negative points. And don’t give up just cause your at like -30, I’ve won games even when I was that low!


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