In the Pipeline… 1/29/2016

It’s time again for my monthly update on what stories/projects are in the pipeline right now! Check out what’s below the cut to find out what I’ll be working on in the coming month and how far along I am in the writing process on each project.

My health hasn’t been the best this week, so I haven’t gotten a whole lot of writing done. I got some work done on the third part of the next Horny Space Man book and am nearly done with a first draft of a new hucow themed story that will hopefully become a series. I plan on finishing both of those projects before I move onto something else, I’m trying really really REALLY hard to finish a project once I start working on a full draft. I probably won’t work on any Heroines Perilous World stories till both of those are done. And I’ll either be doing the next Lady Centurion story or finally trying to finish the Crime Wave anthology.

Even though I haven’t been able to get much writing done, but I HAVE been working on my comics. I’m a little more than half done on the third issue of The Bodacious B-Women. There’s a small chance I could have it done by the beginning of next week. I might need to take a break from the B-Women and work on another project for a bit. I’ve been toying around with ideas and files for another superheroine story set in the B-Women’s world, a sci-fi story, and another Growing Pains story. Not sure which, if any of those, I’ll end up tackling next.

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