New Comic “The Bodacious B-Women Issue#2” Released!


The second issue of The Bodacious B-Women is finished! It can be found on E-Hentai!

Just a reminder, it IS a superheroine in peril story, but it ISN’T part of my “Heroines Perilous World” setting.

And as with all of my comics now, it is available 100% free. Of course, if you like it and you want to support me you could always go and purchase an ebook or two off of Amazon or Smashwords. The money I make from those ebooks are what I use to purchase new files to make the comics with.


I enjoyed making this and blasted through it in record breaking time for me. The next one probably won’t be done quite as fast, but hopefully it won’t be TOO long before its done.

I tried to make the pacing in this one a little faster, as not a lot really happened in the first one. Looking at the finished product the pacing was a little better, but I think maybe the sex scene suffered a little. I’ll try to get things more even in the next one. Practice makes perfect, after all!

Speaking of things not being perfect… I had a few technical problems making this one. Agent Yellow’s skin and hair were a little bleached out, something I didn’t really notice till I was part way in. I had her looking a lot better by the end and did my best to use various tricks to hide the worst of it (placing word bubbles and sound effects over stuff that looked bad).

I also noticed, AFTER I had all of the renders pulled, that something was wrong with the skin on the Mutants on the opening and ending scene. I don’t think its something that’s all that noticeable unless you go looking for it so I decided to just use the renders as is. Having messed around with the scene some more I realized I had to rebuild it from scratch. During that time I found out the pod things the girls were in was causing the issue (I think), and since updating to the new version of Daz3d those pods have been causing even more issues. So I’m going to have to find a way to “write them out” of the story, something I’ve already put some thought into.

I’ve already started on the next one. Agent Red and Silver are coming up against the last two mutants in the same location (although probably in different parts of it. You might only see one fight in the next issue). Any ways, you may have noticed that Agent Silver is magnificently more curvy than the rest of them. I was having a hard time getting renders while the two were talking without having Silver’s tits poking into the frame. Decided to take one of those unusable frames and turn it into a funny little promo:

promo 1

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