“Archbaroness Vs The Insatiable Bulk” Released!

arch bulk cover 01c

A brand new Heroines Perilous World Ebook is published and available on Amazon!

An uncontrollable, sex crazed monster is on the loose in Megatropolis and only one woman can stop it: Archbaroness. It will take all of her strength, resolve, intelligence, and experience as leader of the city’s official super team to save Megatropolis from the Insatiable Bulk. Above all its going to take her sexy body and world famous breasts to discover the secret of how to tame the untamable beast. But will that be enough, or will she need the aid of her sexy teammates?

This 16,000+ word one-handed read is intended for adult audiences ONLY and contains explicit sexual situations. It contains large breasted heroines having sex with a superhumanly sized dick, superheroine sex, oral sex, masturbation, light erotic mind control, and more superheroine sex!

As a bonus it ALSO contains 12 illustrations!!!

This was a story I had outlined ages ago and started to write out a few times, but I’ve finally gotten it done. I’ve been doing good of sticking with projects till I finish them and am hoping on keeping that up, although that means I probably won’t try to tackle anything as big as a Choose Her Peril story for a while.

I wanted to point out a few things about this story. 1) It is illustrated, but because of Amazons rules there isn’t any pictures with nudity or anything sexual going on. That sucks, but pictures are always good. 2) This is very much a stand alone story, but it makes a lot of references to things that have happened in other published stories (and even one unpublished story). It also sets up an idea I have planned for the future, but that won’t appear for a while. I’m not really sure where it should appear amongst all the other things I have planned for this little universe.

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