Preview of my next comic!

On days that I’m not plugging away and writing a new ebook I’ve been busy pulling renders for a brand new comic! This is time consuming, both the posing of figures in Daz3d and the actual pulling of renders. But I’ve made substantial progress on the story I am working on! It depends on where exactly I decide to end issue one, but I’d say I am at least halfway done with issue of of the brand new series “The Bodacious B-Women”.

Yes, it is a heroine in peril story; but no, it is not part of the Heroines Perilous World setting. It’s a brand new world with a brand new cast of superheroines and bad guys. My plan (which, of course could change at any time) is to release 15-20 page issues as they get done and have them telling an ongoing, never ending tale about the same team of superheroines.

To wet everyone’s whistle I’ve decided to post the first few pages below the read more tag. Please not that these pages are still “draft pages” and might change between now and publication. And the extra black outline many of the panels is an edge guide I use to line up the individual panels. I only turn it off once I consider the pages “finished” so that I can always tell which images or draft pages. Any who, on with the comics!




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