“Lady Centurion, Champion of Justice: Book Two” published!

lady Centurion 2 Cover

The newest chapter in Lady Centurion’s crime fighting, sex filled story can be found on Smashwords and Amazon.

The Mayor of Megatropolis has taken notice of the city’s newest superheroine, Lady Centurion. Eager to show her how thankful the city is for her services the Mayor has decided to throw a small and VERY intimate thank you party for the Italian superheroine. With the help of his young, attractive female assistant and a room full of city councilmen Lady Centurion is going to find out just how much her presence is appreciated in Megatropolis.

As a bonus this ebook also contains the short “Lady Centurion vs the bout of Jealousy” which appears in the short story collection entitled “The Great Megatropolis Crime Wave”.

This 12,000 word one handed read is intended for adult audiences ONLY. It contains explicit sexual situations including scenes with ample male sexual fluids, a sexy Italian superheroine with her mind altered into a more suggestive state, mammary intercourse, and plenty more sexy shenanigans.

I know I had said it would be a while before I got back to any Heroine’s Perilous World stuff, but the inspiration to get this specific story done hit me over the last week, so I just did it. While working on this story I found that my brain was full of ideas and I know have a few more stories for her outlined. While I’m still feeling the drive to write this character I might try to get a few more done. My plan (which could change if my mood does) is to bounce back and forth between doing this series and the Invasion of the Horny Space Creep series until I get burnt out on one of them.

And I know, this ebook didn’t have a lot of criminal on heroine action in it, but setting up her relationship with the Mayor was a major thing for Lady Centurion and her series. The next story will center around a hulking, super-powered foe named “Blitzkrieg”. I’m hoping that story will be a bit longer than this one and have at least twice the peril and sex.

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