Sabbatical Over!

Good news, my writing sabbatical is official over! I’ve already got a new story finished and submitted to Amazon and am just waiting for it to be published (and hopefully, as always, not rejected by the censor there). I’m feeling inspired and my health is doing good for the time being so hopefully I’ll be able to get a few things finished and out to you the readers of the next month.

Now the bad news. I’ve chosen, for the time being, to only work on projects that are 100% new. Eventually I plan on going back and trying to pick up all the projects I had half done but lost (and I am backing up religiously now so that never happens again), but I can’t honestly say how long that’s going to be. That means no new Heroines Perilous World stuff in the foreseeable future. No follow ups to any of the series I had started before the crash. One day, but not now.

So what AM I working on now? Well, waiting to publish is the first part of what will hopefully be a fairly lengthy series. It centers on an alien (who can pass for human) who has come to Earth to fuck as many Earth girls as he can. The first story is a pretty straight forward sex romp involving erotic mind control, a large, size changing dick, as well ample amounts of male sexual fluids. It’s fairly short (around 8,000 words) but does a good job at setting up the main character, his abilities, and hinting at larger going ons in his world. I’ve got outlines done for the next few “episodes” of the story (as well as ideas stretching out for quite a while) and will probably just keep working on this story till I get burnt out.

As far as comics go I am also starting fresh with all new projects there. Bad news for Heroines Perilous World and Growing Pains fans, but hopefully anything new I work on will be as well received. The good news is that during my sabbatical I decided to look at my comics as more of a fun hobby and closed my shop and posted them all for free. Any future comic I do will be released for free as well! I’m currently working on a superheroine story, but I’m a long ways from being done. It will feature a new group of heroines and villains in a brand new setting.

As far as the card game goes it is being put indefinitely on hold. I lost ALL of my files for it. I still had my print out version and was able to use the download to get back up copies of what are on the cards, but to work on it again I will have to start from scratch, remaking the card files and redoing all of the renders I had pulled. That’s all really depressing to think about. Eventually I’ll go back and finish the project, but in the mean time I am more than likely to start an all new one. I’ve toyed around with a sci-fi themed one or maybe something using the same mechanics form the first game but using my new heroines I’m making for the current comic, but I haven’t settled on anything yet. Whatever I DO end up doing, I want to make it fun, playable alone, and full of sex.

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