Chapter One of “Improbable in Megatropolis” Published!

If you head to Literotica you can now find the first Chapter of a NEW Improbable Man story.

It’s pretty good, but I’ve got some crazy news. I’m working with an awesome editor to completely rework this first chapter. AFTER getting it edited and posted we threw some ideas back and forth and decided I needed to re-write it from scratch to bring it (hopefully) from good to GREAT. I’m not going to take the original version down, but I am going to rework this first part and get it posted before moving on to the next chapter/part.

The plan is to keep posting it to Literotica as I get chapters/sections done. Once it is finished my editor and me are going to give it anther go over and I’m going to pull renders to add illustrations before publishing it to Amazon. So hopefully the version your getting for free will be good, but the one that will finally be published will be GREAT and have illustrations!

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