Announcing The Heroines Perilous World Card Game!


In Predator and Prey you (and maybe some of your friends too!) play a supervillain trying to defeat the various superheroines of Megatropolis either sexually or by physical force. The game is easy to understand, fast paced and fun, and (when finished) will have a unique illustration on each card, many of them sexually explicit. The downloadable zip file below includes everything you need play: the rules, an FAQ, as well as printable pages (we suggest 110lb cardstock) that include the nearly 300 cards in the current version of the game.

Right now the game is fully playable and pretty fun but still needs some major play testing before it’s considered “finished”. Over the next couple of months I’ll be pulling renders for all of the cards. Right now there are only a handful with illustrations, but by the time I upload version 0.3 I expect that to change. If anyone prints out the game and gives it a try I would totes appreciate any and all feedback (you can send it to


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