“The Defeat of Champion Girl” released!

champion girl cover cover

After nearly nine months of work it’s finally finished and published! The Defeat of Champion Girl is the second book in my “Defeat Of” series, and this one is over twice as big as The Defeat of Archbaroness was! Aside from being so much larger than the first one this one includes a cast of villains probably at least twice as big. And unlike the first volume there are no “good” endings in this book. That’s right, no matter what choices you make Champion Girl will end up defeated and most likely fucked.

Plot wise this story is, like the first one, non canonical. It takes place during Champion Girl’s first day as a Megatropolis. You, the reader, get to make Champion Girl’s choices for her. You lead her through her first day of patrol and help her make the decisions that will lead to her defeat.

Now that this massive story is done I plan on take a month or so break from doing a choose her peril story. When I start back up I’ll be working on a “Defeat of Lady Centurion” volume as well as going back and trying to finishing up the none superheroine, post apocalyptic choose her peril I had tarted a few months ago.

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