In The Pipeline… 9/3/2015

It’s time again for my monthly update on what stories/projects are in the pipeline right now! Check out what’s below the cut to find out what I’ll be working on in the coming month and how far along I am in the writing process on each project.

I’m slowly getting back into the habit of writing most days of the weeks. So far I don’ have too much to show for it, but I’m slowly getting back to my normal level of output. I’m trying to keep my eyes set on getting stuff done sooner then later, which means trying to finish up old project and newer short projects.

I’ve decided I will try to be working on a superheroine project and a non superheroine project. For my none heroine projects I plan on coming through all my manipulators and seeing if any inspire a short story/ebook similar to what I did with I’ll Take My Massage Sexier”. My hope is over the enxt month to try and pump out at least two or three of these shorts to help get me back in the habit of publishing things regularly.

As for my Superheroine cue, I plan on tackling the following projects in the following order”


“The Defeat of Champion Girl” The second book in my “Choose Her Peril” series. I’m two short sections from being done. If things go well I should have a complete draft sometime next week, and if all goes well might have it published within two weeks.

“Improbable Man goes on Megatropolis” The Improbable Man short I did got really good feedback. I plan on writing a serialized story about him coming to Megatropolis to play with the heroines there. I’ll be posting it to Literotica in hopes of getting feedback. Once the story is “complete” I plan on cleaning it up, adding illustrations, and then publishing it as an ebook.

“Champion Girl Vs The Enlarger” In case the title isn’t a give away the story is a mainly a breast growth story with a heavy dash of bimbofication. It’s also going to be fully illustrated, and I’m trying for some sexual explicit images this time. That means it might not make it past the censors at Amazon, but I can always take it to Smash Words. I have this fully outlined and the first third in ffirst draft mode. Once I move onto this story it should get finished pretty quickly

“Megatropolis Crime Wave” I’ve only got a handful of stories left to get finished, but I’ll need to do a TON of editing once that is done as well as pulling renders for all the chapter titels and the special pinup section at the end. This will be pretty massive and have a huge variety of stories in it once its done. And it’s another that I’m worried won’t pass the censors at Amazon, but again, if it doesn’t I can just take it to Smashwords.



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