“Defeat of Champion Girl” nearing completion!

I will not be able to get my normal amount of writing done over the next month and a half. I’ve decided to spend what little time I do have to write working on finishing “The Defeat of Champion Girl”. I have about two sections left o write, which shouldn’t take too long to do as long as I stick to it. But being so close to having a finished product means I need to start thinking about what comes next for the “Defeat of…” series.

The first book, “The Defeat of Archbaroness”, stared the Megatropolis Amazons team leader doing what she does best: being defeated and fucked. This second one chronicles Champion Girl’s first day the job (with of course the non canonical twist of every choice you the reader make leading to her defeat). I had thought of doing something a little different as these two books were pretty similar in content and format.

I’ve thought about doing once outside of Megatropolis, set in a jungle and introducing a jungle themed heroine. But it’s occurred to me that IntelliTek’s Red Floor (last seen in “The Megatropolis Amazons vs Floor x-7” was quite popular, and perhaps worth exploring in a Choose Her Peril story. It would be too hard to have multiple heroines in the story, so I’d have to decide who is going to face the perverse testing within. Should I create a new heroine for the story? Should I use one of the Megatropolis Amazons? What do you, my fans, think?

You can send me your answer by leaving a comment below, heading over to my Tumblr, or e-mailing me at philohunter@outlook.com

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