“The Megatropolis Amazons Vs The Red Dragon Prostitution Ring” released!

prostitution ring

It’s finally done and up for sale on Amazon!

The Megatropolis Amazons have been busy cracking down on the Red Dragon Syndicate, but after months of work they seem no closer to removing the criminal organization’s presence from the streets of Megatropolis. Archbaroness, the team’s leader, decides to change tactics. Instead of just going after the groups men peddling drugs or running protection rackets they decide to investigate where their money comes from and concentrate on stopping its flow.

The team is surprised to discover the majority of the groups funds come not from the illicit drug sales the organization is known for but from a vast prostitution ring! The Amazons plan on dismantling the prostitution ring from the top down, but first the team of superheroines will have to send one of their attractive members, Psychia, undercover to discover just exactly who is at the top.

But then Psychia disappears, failing to return from her undercover work at the scheduled time. Shortly after the team hears reports that the powerful heroine has been seen turning tricks on the streets of Megatropolis in recent days!

The Amazons were already down one team member with Lab Rat out of the city. Will Archbaroness, Brickhouse, and Champion Girl be able to save Psychia from her fate? Can they avoid becoming ladies of the night like their teammate? And who will save them if they fail? Find out in this 21,000 plus word one handed read.

This story contains a lot of “forced” prostitution and at least one detailed sex scene for each of the four main heroines plus a hand full of other fun sexy shenanigans!

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