“Heroines Perilous World” Timeline created

Click here to check out the timeline.

I am trying to get at least one story in my “Heroines Perilous World” setting out a month. At this point it may not seem like it but I have a very large world and timeline outlined in my head and in various future stories. As more of these stories get finished and are released I want to have  tool that will help my readers keep them as in order as possible.

A fully accurate timeline isn’t possible as these stories are one handed reads first and superhero stories second. There are already a number of continuity errors (not to mention the none cannon stories that are part of the “Defeat of” series). I’m aware of most of them as I write, and I do try to avoid them, but sometimes continuity has to suffer when writing a one off story that isn’t part of a series. I have to assume unless a title is part of a numbered series (Like the Lady Centurion books) the book is the readers first entry into this world.

That all being said there WILL be events that will change things for these characters world. At one point soon the roster of the Megatropolis Amazons will change, gaining a new member and losing a current one. Down the line after that event I plan on doing something that will lead to the Amazon’s roster almost completely changing. I haven’t fully decided which heroines will remain, although I already know a few that will be joining them (heroines that have yet to be introduced into the stories). And the current five Megatropolis Amazons weren’t all originally on the team. Archbaroness founded the team when she was much younger, and it has yet been mentioned who was on the team before Brickhouse, Lab Rat, Champion Girl and Psychia. Who was on the team originally and why they left are all stories ripe for sexy shenanigans.

I also plan on, at one point, doing a serial series starting during WWII covering the first generation of men and woman with active P-Gene’s. This time has been hinted at with the occasionally mention of the Gorgon organization. And although the world thinks the sinister Gorgon Division was defeated with the fall of the Third Reich at one point in the future they will be returning.

As I improve as a writer and get more feedback about what my readers like and want (always feel free to let me know by emailing me) these stories will grow more complex and interconnected. But don’t worry, I will always strive to keep them above all stroke fiction.


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