“Brickhouse Vs The Hypnotherapist” Released!

psychoanalyst cover

Another book adding to the ever growing “Heroines Perilous World” setting! From the description on Amazon:

Feed your super-sized breast obsession with this one handed read revealing the Megatropolis Amazon Brickhouse’s origin story! How did the massively strong and even more massively breasted heroine get her gigantic bosom? What could have happened early in her career as a superheroine that left her so ashamed of her own body and the over active libido that came with her powers?

After Brickhouse saves the life of Doctor Yechezkel vows to help the heroine learn how to embrace her body and sexuality and deal with these issues. Through hypnotherapy he will help her learn to love her body and super charged libido. But what will the other Megatropolis Amazons say if they find out about Brickhouse’s clandestine counseling sessions?

Find out in the 18,000+ word one handed read. Intended only for adult readers this stories involves scenes of detailed and graphic sexual nature including: more mammary intercourse than you can shake a fleshy stick at, erotic hypnosis play, superhuman amounts of male sexual fluids, and plenty of villain on heroine action.

Also included : 6 full color illustrations!

As the description says this is a kind of origin story for Brickhouse. That aspect of the story is shown through flashbacks as told by Brickhouse herself.

This story turned out significantly longer than the last few responses, which I was pleased with. And the illustrations included came out well. I would like to include more sexually graphic illustrations in these books but I am not sure if anything beyond female nudity and light bondage could make it past the Amazon censors. But even without sexually explicit images I know pictures are worth a thousand words in the superheroine peril genre, especially when it comes to the cover. No one really likes to read three or four paragraphs describing a heroine or villains costume, including a picture is just so much easier for me as a writer and you as a reader.

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