“Kyle Phillips Amateur Hypnotist Book 1: The Apartment Hottie” published!

amatuer hypnotist 1 cover v3d

Now available on Amazon!

Kyle Phillips is a regular, lazy 20 something. He works a boring job. He lives a boring life. But all of that changes when he finds a very special book.

In book 1 of “Kyle Phillips Amateur Hypnotist” Kyle shares with you, the reader, the first time he really put his newly learned hypnosis skills to use. He starts close to home, using them on the hottie that lives in his apartment. He knows hypnosis can’t make someone do something they don’t want to, but he’s surprise to find out just how much the hottie downstairs is willing to do with him!

This 11,000+ word one handed read is intended for adult audiences only! It includes scenes of graphic sexual nature including: erotic hypnosis play, mammary intercourse, a woman pretending to be a prostitute, and more.

This is partially a re-boot of the Jack Dennison series, partially a follow up. For various reasons I was unable to continue writing those books, but liked the feel of them. This is tentatively set in the same universe, with the main character gaining his mind control powers from a book written by Jack Dennison.

I already have the next two books fully outlined. My plan is to keep this series going till I feel the main character has played himself out. After that I plan on doing another soft re-boot with a new title character. Till then my plan is to get one of these stories out every month or two till I need a break from them.

The second book will definitely feature more subjects and probably be a bit longer. The next story arc I have planned will need to be split between at least two books, as I want to be getting the stories out regularly. If anything this first book she be viewed and a prologue to Kyle’s story.

Hope you enjoy! As always, any feedback is appreciated. I’d particularly be interested in anything specific people want to see in future volumes of this series.

You can contact me at philohunter@outlook.com

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