“Advice Not Taken” released!

Advice Not Taken cover

“Advice Not Take” is now published and up for sale on Amazon!

Annaliese is a beautiful young herpetology grad student, more interested in studying
reptiles than joining the non-stop orgy of drinking and sex that comes during spring break.
She plans to use the time for a scholarly expedition to the Krar Woods, observing the
rare North American Short-tailed Turtle in its native habitat.

Little does she know, the woods are also home to some very unusual insect life. Ignoring
all advice from the locals, she enters the woods unprepared for what she finds. When
she finally emerges from the trees, her priorities and her appetites have radically changed.
With her mind and body altered by an insect’s bite, Annaliese’s new thirst for men (and what they can give her) quickly overwhelms her need to study.

This 15,000+ word one handed story includes scenes of graphic sexual nature intended for adults only. The protagonist of the story has her mind and body altered. This desire leads to more than enough public oral sex and mammary intercourse to shake (or stroke) a fleshy stick at.

I already have a sequel partial outlined. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it sees release too!

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