“The Megatropolis Amazons Vs Cape Crusher Part 5: Champion Girl” released!

part 5 cover

It’s taken  a long time but the final installment of this series is now finished and available on Amazon!

Four out of the five Amazons are now mentally conditioned by the insidious Cape Crusher’s mind controlling pheromone powers. He has commanded that Champion Girl, the last Amazon with full control of her mind, be sent to his base right away.

The Amazons know their time is running out. They need to figure out a way to defeat this villain before they lose everything, even their minds. Lab Rat, the team’s tech genius, has an idea that she is working on in secret. But can she finish it in time? Will the young Champion Girl be able to buy her team the time they need?

This story is fifth and final part of the ongoing series “The Megatropolis Amazons vs Cape Crusher”. It is a 11,000+ word one-handed read that includes graphic scenes of sexual nature, including: mind controlled and over sexed heroines, lactation play, a superpowered orgy and plenty of good ole’ villain on heroine intercourse.

Although the series is now “finished” I’m not yet done with it. My writing has improved a lot since I started it and I have a firmer grasp of things inside the “Heroines Perilous World”. I will be going back over the first four installments and re-editing them to clean up the writing and make sure there are no continuity issues (there are, at least in the first two volumes).

The stories will also be getting new covers with these updated editions. If you have already purchased any of those stories on Amazon you can get the new editions simply by re-downloading them onto what ever reading device you use. And once I am done cleaning everything up I will release a “complete” edition with the full story packaged together (and probably a few bonus illustrations added in).

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