In the Pipeline… 3/29/15

It’s time again for an update on what stories/projects are in the pipeline right now! Check out what’s below the cut to find out what I’ve been working on and how far along they are in the writing process.

“Archbaroness Vs The Insatiable Bulk” and “Brickhouse Vs The Psychoanalyst” These are the two Heroines Perilous World shorts that I am working on this month. I plan on having both of them come with a handful of illustrations.

“The Defeat of Champion Girl” The second book in my “Choose Her Peril” series. I ended up getting distracted by other projects and didn’t get much work done on this. Writing the interactive stories takes a very specific state of mind which I don’t really feel like I’m in right now. But the mood could strike at any time. My goal is to try and get one section of book done a month so at least I’m getting closer to publication.

“Advice Not Taken” It’s been a while since I did a non heroine book. I actually have this one finished, but my partner Delilah Krayn is planning on taking a swing at it to knock the oral sex scenes up a notch or two (something she is good at). We’re not sure if she’ll have the time this month, but hopefully it will be ready for publication before long!

“Sublime Ink” A story about a tattoo parlor that uses mind altering incense to give their clients a very unique experience. This will end up being significantly longer than any of my previously published works. I’m about one third done with a complete draft and could probably pump the rest out fairly quickly. But I’m taking the time to have my real life tattoo artist help me edit things to add some realism to the parts of the story having to deal with actual tattooing.

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