“The Megatropolis Amazons Vs Floor X-7” Released!

floor x-7 cover

Another short in my backlog ready for release and up for sale on Amazon!

The IntelliTek Corporation is the leader in every high tech field in the world. The world at large knows them for their medical and computing breakthroughs, but the superhuman is familiar with the company’s darker side. Always researching new ways to help defeat powered superhumans, and the company cares not if those creations are used for good or evil, they only care about profits. But where do they get their research data on people with active P-Genes? Rumors have begun to circulate around Megatropolis that within IntelliTek Tower, the corporations headquarters in Megatropolis, that there is a superhuman testing known as “Floor X-7”.

As Megatropolis’ official super team the Megatropolis Amazons have taken upon themselves to find out of Floor X-7 exists and is in their home city. Armed with their superpowers the team splits up with each member engaging in their own mission to uncover the truth. But are the five Megatropolis Amazons really a match monolith IntelliTek?

In this 13,000 word one handed read each of the five Megatropolis Amazons face their own moments of peril and sexual defeat. The story contains scenes of graphic sexual nature, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Included in this story are scenes of hypnotized and mind controlled heroines, breast expansion, and heroines horny beyond control.

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