In The Pipeline…

It’s time again for one of my updates on what stories are in the pipeline right now! Check out what’s below the cut to find out what stories I’m currently working on and how far along they are in the writing process.

“The Megatropolis Amazons Vs Cape Crusher Part 5: Champion Girl” The story is fully outlined but I’m having a hard time finishing it. I’ve still been making myself write a little bit every day, but it’s slow moving. Hopefully the muse will hit me soon and the final chapter of this will finally be released.

Once it DOES get released I plan on going back an cleaning up the writing in all of the previous titles as well as giving them better covers. Once that is done the plan is to release all five parts together as one volume.

“Misadventures in Megatropolis City: A “Heroines Perilous World” One Shot Collection” This collection of short stories has been kicked to the bin. Instead of trying to release large anthologies like this I am taking the stories that would have appeared in them and reworking them for individual release. “Lady Centurion Vs Mary-Annette” has already seen this happen, and next up is the story “The Megatropolis Amazon vs The Girl’s Night Out” which I plan on releasing with a few illustrations (and hopefully sometime within the next week!). After that I’ll probably try and get a couple of solo Archbaroness stories out.

“The Defeat of Champion Girl” The second book in my “Choose Her Peril” series. The Defeat of Archbaroness is doing really well on Amazon so I want to be working on a follow up. I learned a lot writing that one so hopefully the writing process will be much smoother this time around. I’m still early in the writing, although I AM nearing completion of everything inside Freedom Tower. Realistically this book is still probably a few months out at least.

“Wasteland Slut 1” Another “Choose Her Peril” story, but this one isn’t being set in my Heroines Perilous World setting. Instead it’s set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, centering around the adventures of a survivor with an overactive libido. This will be a pretty different read than the “Defeat of” books. Instead of a ton of shorter defeats/sex scenes the Wasteland Slut series will each tell a story with a consistent beginning and ending, the challenge and fun will be in getting to the end alive. The story (at least this one) keeps track of the main characters supplies, ammunition, and horny level all of which can alter her choices.

The story is one third done, although I need a break from it (thus all the work on the superheroine stuff). I am fairly certain the book will compile properly, but there IS a chance I will get to the end and be unable to convert it to a file Amazon can use. If this ends up the case my backup plan is to release it free here, but if that happens there will almost certainly NOT be a followup.

“Sublime Ink” A tattoo shop that uses mind controlling incense to help their customers (and themselves) have sexy times in this inked punk rock erotica.

With the help of my real life tattooist I have been adding some touches to this story and working on getting more done. When finished it will probably be the longest thing I’ve written to date, so expect this to take some time. I have about 3 of 10 chapters complete.

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