“Lady Centurion Vs Mary-Annette” Released!

lady c vs mary

Book One of the “Lady Centurion, Champion of Justice” series has been released on Amazon!

Lady Centurion is newly arrived to America, fresh from Italy. She has come to Megatropolis to help clean up the crime ridden city. But the criminals state side have a different code then she is used to, rule number one being a defeated heroine is free game sexually. She suffers defeat quickly, falling helpless to the body control powers of the perverted villain Mary-Annette. Lady Centurion finds there might be something to how things are run in America…

This story is an 8,000+ one handed read with scenes of detailed and graphic sexual nature. It features a heroine who’s body is controlled and is made to do all sorts of degrading yet enjoyable things. Lady Centurion suffers through public humiliation as well as plenty of good old villain on heroine sex.

I was originally saving this story to be released in an anthology collection. But decided it was long enough to stand on it’s own, especially since all of the Lady Centurion stories I have outlines tell a continuing/chronological story. Hopefully it won’t be long before the second book is ready for release!

I had fun making the cover and bonus picture at the end in Daz3d. Hopefully all of the shorts I have been saving for the anthology will work well as short story releases, and maybe a few will even come with some CG illustrations!

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