In The Pipeline…

It’s time again for one of my updates on what stories are in the pipeline right now! Check out what’s below the cut to find out what stories I’m currently working on and how far along they are in the writing process.

“The Birth of the Pink Avenger”  This is a short story that was a commission that I will be releasing for free on this web page sometime in the coming weeks, I’m just waiting on my editor to take a swing at it.  Unlike most of my regular stories there is no sex in it, just superheroine peril. I will probably be releasing other shorts on here occasionally, probably just things that didn’t fit in well anywhere else.

“The Megatropolis Amazons Vs Cape Crusher Part 5: Champion Girl” The story is fully outlined and will hopefully be released within the next month.

“Misadventures in Megatropolis City: A “Heroines Perilous World” One Shot Collection” This collection of short stories is moving along. About three stories are still in outline, but the rest are just working their way through the final editing process.

“The Defeat of Champion Girl” The second book in my “Choose Her Peril” series. The Defeat of Archbaroness is doing really well on Amazon so I want to be working on a follow up. I learned a lot writing that one so hopefully the writing process will be much smoother this time around. I’m still early in the writing, about half way through one ‘location’, but if things continue it will have even more content and re-readability than Archbaroness did.

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