“The defeat of Archbaroness” Released!

Archbaroness cover 4d3

After almost a month of ironing out kinks in the formatting it’s finally here! The first in what is planned to be a series of “choose Her Peril” stories, “The Defeat of Archbaroness” is an interactive ebook where YOU get to choose Archbaroness’ fate during a normal day of crime fighting.

This highly re-readable, one handed story contains over 40,000 words of branching story and includes nearly 30 endings. The rogues gallery in this story includes: The Gasser, Pussy Whip, The Undermen, a tentacle monster from the deep darks of the Earth, IntelliTek, a corrupt Mayor and his sexy assistant, The Red Dragon Syndicate and their super powered enforcers, the Sugar Skull gang and more. Plus all five of the Megatropolis Amazons and the heroine Lady Centurion either in moments of peril of their own or causing them!

Available on the Amazon Kindle marketplace.

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