In The Pipeline…

I got distracted writing a Choose Her Peril story over the last month or two. The good news is that “The Defeat of Archbaroness” has been done for a couple of weeks. The bad news is the book as it is now written cannot be converted to an ebook for sale.

I am wrote the story in Inkle. Inkle has a TON of really cool tools that can make a story more of an interactive game than just a story. Sadly these extra tools can break the conversion process when turning a story into an ebook. Right now I am going through the process of trying to figure out exactly what in the story (which contains over 40,000 unique words) is causing the problems and how to fix them. Hopefully by the end of January I will have it all ironed out and ready for release.

During the next month I plan on trying to get the final installment of The Megatropolis Amazons Vs Cape Crusher published as well, but that might take a back seat to getting the Choose Her Peril story finished and published.

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